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Advanced-Missions partnered with the most powerful e-commerce engine allows you the freedom to choose from thousands of products and services that have proven to be major game-changers in the lives of those who have worked with the product line.


For some social media experts, it really does matter what products you show. And for them, there's so much to choose from. And for those who don't care which product they sell? They can either choose or contact us for recommendations. We won't steer you wrong.

We have spoken to some individuals that use products and services as a sponsorship. As long as the products are reliable and payout is lucrative, they don’t seem to mind.

Others want a certain product line that they can call their own.

We have something for everyone.


 What Can I Sell?

 AVMS type 21 orange  AWith Advanced-Missions, you get over 9,000 Products, 12 Services40,000+ Partner Stores, and our profit plus commissions structure; why would you need to go anywhere else? We do all the marketing, you just need to plugin. plugins 512


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Health / Wellness AVMS type 21 orange  A

      • Vitamins / Minerals
      • Alkalizing Products
      • Clarify the Mind
      • Energy Products
      • Weightloss Products
      • And More...



Cosmetics / Beauty AVMS type 21 orange  A

      • Everything a Girl Needs
      • Hair Products
      • Custom Blends
      • Cosmetic Kits
      • Stay Up with Fashion Trends
      • Training Available
      • And More...


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Skincare / Revitalize AVMS type 21 orange  A

      • Skincare Kits
      • Lotion / Creams
      • Masks / Pore Cleansers
      • Face Wash / Body Wash
      • Acne Care / Scar Removal
      • Wrinkle / Stretch Mark Magic Eraser
      • And More...



Weight Loss / Management AVMS type 21 orange  A

    • Metabolic Inhibitor / Digestive Enhancement
    • Whey Protein / Vegan Protein
    • Weight loss Kits
    • Food Plans / Recipies 
    • Workout Program
    • Free Online Community Available 
    • Wellness Products
    • And More...


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Tone Up / Get Fit AVMS type 21 orange  A

      • Metabolic Inhibitor / Digestive Enhancement
      • Whey Protein / Vegan Protein
      • Weight loss Kits
      • Food Plans / Recipies 
      • Workout Program
      • Free Online Community Available 
      • Wellness Products
      • And More...



Shred Debt / Accumulate Wealth AVMS type 21 orange  A

  • Financial Planning
  • Online Accountant
  • Save Thousands on Interest
  • Payoff Early / Own Your Assets
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Improve Your Credit
  • And More...



Choose Your Path

Sell whatever you need on your own Social Media platform by promoting our products / services on your channel. If you don't have a platform, you can become an Alliance Agent. Find out more below.


DynexSM Project

Learn more here.


Revenue Challenge

Learn more here.


Alliance Agent

Learn more here.


 Let's Look at Your Options: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


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Get the reference?



The Good: Choose Your Product AVMS type 21 orange  A

Advanced-Missions is made from individuals just like you. We have all been there, at least once. No one here is above you or beneath you. We are all marketers with our own stories on how we have made Advanced Missions a good part of our lives.

Choose Your Product:
There is nothing like being able to test a market or have the products that mean the most to you representing your show, without having to register with another company.





The Bad: Limited in Affiliate Marketing AVMS type 21 orange  A

We're unlike the other affiliate marketing industries. For example, Amazon Affiliate Marketing as well as others underpay you. They give you 10% or less of the profit generated for your hard work. And then they take your customers from you after just two weeks.

This gets you pumped up to be back in the competitive grind.

"How neat is that?" 

It’s ok because that's normally the way things are done- right?

So it's bye-bye client, hasta la vista after they are terminated from your income stream. And you're ok with that - because that's the way it is?

Advanced-Missions does not come between you and the love of money. No breakups here. 

Advanced-Missions works with you so you can keep your client as long as you like. This is especially good when your clients are buying items that are consumables. We believe in matchmaking. The more clients you keep the better we all can get along.



The Ugly: Constant Change of Side Hustles  AVMS type 21 orange  A

Break-ups are really bad, and in a way, they're like side hustles. Just as bad as the hard work you need to do to get yourself motivated again to get into the hustle. After all, it's called a side hustle for a reason. And each time you move onto another product, you have to worry about the rules, the payment method, if it pays out well enough, etc. And hey, we know there are people who have a side hustle that works for them long term (and good for you, we mean it). But that option doesn't happen to everyone.

But at Advanced Missions, we like you as you are. Because we work as a team, both mentors and online training are available on your products and services, so you can give your product a fresh new feel and look. You can even attend local seminars on your product and services if you choose to become a product expert or an SME (subject matter expert).

One place gives you everything you need so you can use that otherwise wasted time to chill.