The Shopping Annuity - Start Here

The simple way to look at the biggest mistake you're doing.

 The First Step Into a Larger World. 

The Shopping Annuity is the first step in building your business.

Why is that?

Because the craziest thing you are going to hear is that when it comes to the Shopping Annuity, you are already doing one of the key steps it takes to be successful in the business and didn't even know it.

And also because when you shop online, you are wasting your money if you are not part of the Shopping Annuity. As a business owner (or UnFranchise Owner) when you focus on the Shopping Annuity, the process also becomes more straightforward--the process listed below comes naturally. Be reassured that your mentor will meet with you and go over these steps in more detail and guidance. The Getting Started Manual is also another essential tool you'll be given for a detailed explanation of the process below. Your mentor will also cover this.


  1. Register your business.
    Now you are part of an organization that will help you successfully launch your business.
    You will be able to have a tax write-off on things in your home, home office, meals, and more.
    You have started investing in a retirement fund (using residual income streams you will build).
    You have started a financial protection plan for your Children, your Children's Children, and your Children's Children's Children (3 Generations).
    You'll have access to high-quality audio and video training.
    You'll have access to local and regional training seminars.
    You have a chance to get to know and collaborate with other successful business owners.
     And so much more!

  2. Create your WHY statement and goal statement. This keeps you on track because you will have created the main thing that motivates you to be successful. Your mentor will consult with you on this.

  3. Start Your Shopping Annuity (Change Your Spending Habits)
    Take the Home Assessment and complete the Shopping Advisor (found on to see how you can maximize your dollars by purchasing from your own business. You can do this in bulk, or small increments.

  4. Tune in. Listen to audio available at no charge on UFMedia. 

  5. Self-educate and learn with a team. Attend seminars, online courses, humanacon courses, and sessions. You will get to record important dates of upcoming conventions, seminars and district conferences in your Getting Started Guide. Don't forget that you can also look up these dates in

  6. Create a contact list. This is also known as a Possibilities list. But no worries! Your mentor will go over this in detail with you.


We've Heard It All Before--And So Have You

The Shopping Annuity explained to nearly 200,000 people worldwide.


Everyone has a story to tell, but you always think yours is better. 

MA/ is filled with successful entrepreneurs as well as start up entrepreneurs.They each have a story to tell that goes something like this: 


"I was running away from one of the UFO distributors. I thought it was one of those things where you had to get your family involved and your friends would hate you. But after getting involved with The Shopping Annuity, I can tell you it is the best thing I have ever done for me and my family. Don't get me wrong. It takes work and effort, and I had to get over what I thought I knew so I could really come to know something. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. I found out that it's too good to be true if you're winging it and not really taking full advantage of all the hard work that has gone into building the method of earning an income."

Imagine getting paid for shopping and getting paid for the shopping that others do. 

Now imagine having a brand new career that will allow you to exceed your current income.

Imagine not having to do it by yourself. 

Imagine that everything you need to be successful will be given to you.



We hear it all the time. MA/ is a business, a retirement plan, a wellness kit, a friend builder, a protection plan for up to 3 generation as a source of income, a brand new career opportunity...and so much more.

The biggest challenge is not getting your business to work. That has been proven over and over again. The hardest part about MA/ is taming your imagination and staying focused for all that it has to offer. 

Your next step awaits! (Go to "What is it?" section on the Shopping Annuity tab).