How you get paid

How Does it Work?


Let’s say for example that your social media channel promotes and ultimately leads to the sale of a product. You have then the opportunity to earn profit, commissions, and group commissions.


[Quick Example ]

Profit Earned:

If the product sold at a retail cost of $79.00 retail price for consumable

And the product sold at a distributor cost of $62.00

Then the profit earned is $17.00 and that profit goes to the registered agent(the person who sold the product, in this case, You!)

Commissions Earned

Let's say the commission earned for this in business volume is 54.5 - These points get added on the back-end where all your purchases accumulate in BV,  and once capped at the check point then both you (the registered agent) and your team earn this. These commissions lead to paychecks.


Group Commissions Earned:

When you have others on your team, you get their commissions and they get your commissions. In a way, you are earning together and creating an economy.

When you have more Social Media Entrepreneur Accounts, you will continue to earn commissions on all of the products that their viewers, subscribers, and listeners are purchasing.

Remember: The subscriber might be shopping for one product, but with so many more products to choose from, your commissions will increase.


How To Do It:

To earn profit, earn commissions, earn team commissions plus multiple streams of income you’ll need to know the basics. This includes how to develop, build, follow up and make a sale so you can grow your business for those multiple streams you have dared only dream of until now.


Part 1: Developing your unfranchise business:

It’s all about following the steps.

First, create a quick assessment of your future commitments to make this work.

This will include following this 12-month proven business plan, commit to 4-10 hours per week to complete tasks and activities outlined in the program.

Learn about and implement the “Shopping Annuity” and “Converting your Spending into Earning” mentality.

Complete the shopping advisor to see how you can maximize on products to get the best deals, get points back and keep building your business and recommend to your following.

This is the start. The second phase of the Shopping advisor is shopping with the purpose of fueling your business, using Shop Buddy to help you get the best deals and take credit for your purchases.

Use all the following tools to expose the business:

Virtual presentations, online videos, your website, social media, webinars, mobile, podcasts and more!

Develop your answer to “What is it?”

Developing an answer to what it is is necessary to discuss this business efficiently and effectively with your new possibilities and prepare you to talk naturally, sincerely and confidently about the company. 


Part 2: Your Why and Goal Statement

This part may be underrated, but it’s important - probably essential.

To be effective, your goals must be specific, measurable and written.  Take a few minutes and write down what you would like to accomplish.

This will help you build multiple legs to hold up your dream of becoming your own boss by taking the opportunity of the coming wave. 

Develop a detailed plan of action so you understand what is expected of you each year, each month, each week and each day to achieve your goal. This is return will get you closer to meeting your goals and getting you through to cutting checks faster.


Part 3: Establishing a Foundation

Personally purchase more than or equal to 200BV and 15IBV in product monthly.

Activate your ability to cut checks by personally sponsoring a total of at least 2 people.

Establish a customer base that shops on your website designed by Microsoft.

Advertise from hundreds of globally popular products and brands, able to shift with the coming and going trend due to the versatility of our products and partner stores.


Part 4: Create Content

Now this Should be the easiest part, because this is the part where you7pm- get to be yourself and do what you love, express your passions and share your knowledge of your chosen trade(s). The rest will come naturally with practice. Have any questions about how to enroll and get started?

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You have the Why, We have the How. The time is Now.