We've Got You Covered

Whether you’re looking to become fully involved in the opportunity to advance your social media career or just dabble in a better version of affiliate marketing, we’ve got you covered.

As a social media entrepreneur, your life should be dedicated to your passion and what you love. Many times people who wish to take on a new venture have a hard time because of the lack of proper resources, tools, training, marketing strategies, product research, customer management, payment gateways, shipping costs...the list goes on. And if you're new to this, you may not have even thought about these.

We believe in hard work as much as you do, and we know that becoming successful takes effort. We also believe in working smarter, not harder. That means leveraging your time and using tools wisely, as well as relying on your team to help you build. 

Our goal is to have you achieve:

  • multiple streams of income 
  • leveraging your time
  • team collaboration
  • product knowledge
  • successful customer management

 We can achieve this by providing the features that you need, so you can focus on what you do best.

Partner Features:

  • Premium website finished and uniform to the rest of the team
  • Customizable mini websites to feature a variety of products
  • Printables pamphlets and other sales materials
  • Email templates to write to clients and followers
  • Contact management software - CRM
  • Comprehensive presentations for clients and followers
  • Digital calendar software to set up, keep, and manage appointments
  • Digital coupon alert feature - know the best deals when you shop
  • Access to contactless online meetings and conferences for important updates and events

Backend Website: 

  • Track customer and client signups
  • Track customer and client order history
  • Send welcome emails
  • Send eGifts: A great way to send gifts in a safe, contactless way to anyone at any time, for a variety of occasions
  • Create coupons and send them to customers via email
  • Create promotions and send to customers’ email
  • Access to education for product knowledge and strategies


Product Ambassador Features: Quality Products for all Walks of Life

Everyone wants to know what they're getting when they spend their hard-earned cash - and what they're selling their customers. 

  • Access to exclusive health products
  • Access to high-quality nutrition supplements
  • Access to products and services for healthy weight management and healthy lifestyle management
  • Access to high-end cosmetics for less than retail prices
  • Access to customizable websites that feature your products
  • Stay up to date with the latest product updates and the research behind it
  • Updates on product recalls


Knowledge is Power: Get the Inside Scoop and the Leading Edge
Grow confident and grow the right mindset for success!

  • Online education for product knowledge on exclusive products and services - build confidence

  • Online education for a success mindset - at no charge

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