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 Have a Social Media Career YOU Benefit With.

Get Paid

  • Get Paid What You're Worth
  • Get Paid on Profit
  • Get Paid on Commissions
  • Get Paid on Group Comments
  • Get Paid Online
  • Get Paid Offline
  • Get Paid When You Retire
  • Get Paid as a Mentor



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No Stress

  • No Selling (If You Don't Want to)
  • No Product Inventory
  • Train as You Go
  • Choose the Industry You Want
  • Earn as You Go
  • No Territorial Restrictions 
  • More...




  • You See all Transactions.
  • Keep Your Accounts.
  • Keep Your Customers.
  • We’re Not Just the Senior Vice Presidents at the Top. You Are.
  • You Control Your Income Status.
  • We Support Your Efforts.
  • More...


Work for Yourself

  • Establish Personal Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Freedom to Create
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • No Financial Limit
  • Thousands of Products
  • Thousands of Partner Stores
  • Services
  • More...




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 Our Commitment to You


AVMS type 21 orange  AThe reasons why most individuals are skeptical or dissolution with working online is usually because of the of tools and training, as well as the lack of money one can earn over a period of time and training.

We decided to fix that issue and work with you at your own pace.




Resources For You

Free Training:

Free training, guides, and resources. We encapsulated twenty-five years of expertise in sales, establishing networks, and growing and keeping a customer base. We made the training easy to follow along and simple for every walk of life. That means you, your neighbor, your friend, and your mother can do this too.


Get a Success Mindset and Keep It 

With BIBX: Business in a Box, you get online access to an open-source tool powerhouse to get you up, running, and maintaining your online business on social media. Plus, get tips of what success mindsets look like - and how to get them! And if you have one already, learn how to maintain it over the long term.








AVMS type 21 orange  AOne of our trainers will get with you and explain all the detail. But according to our research, most individuals actively looking for a place online to make a steady income, need a little information to help make the right decision. We are all about making the right decision. For that reason, we have broken down some benefits and their phases. Remember meeting with your online Trainor is absolutely free and comes with our no-hassle guarantee.  


Alliance Agent Quick Overview


We’re people like you who get it, who want to make an income doing what we love and enjoy.  

Phase 1: Become an Apprentice

We will work with you to build your Social Media Real-Estate. 

  • Provide training
  • Give the tools you need
  • Help build your accounts
  • Build your account portfolio


  • Product training
  • Coaching
  • Make money
  • Get paid on the accounts you help bring in


Phase 2: Become A Partner

You will be able to share in the profits that you earn and work towards building a base for yourself with a professional trainer by your side. 

Become a Partner:

Becoming a partner is the next step up in the business model. When you become a Partner you start earning profits and commissions as well as group commission. 

You will have your own selected Social Media individuals and help them grow their products and service sales allow your managed social media account to earn, while you can receive commission base on the products and services they are able to sell on their social media channel.


Phase 3: Become a Mentor

Become your own Social Media professional with the leadership skills to help others succeed (just like you did).

Most of our team members quickly learn that being on social media only takes an idea and the time you take to perform. You may also use the same products and services. In doing so you can grow your brand and make expand your financial portfolio.

You can choose to become an apprentice or start as a partner. 

However, we don't discriminate for Advanced Mission apprentices are treated like everyone else. 





 Super Benefits

When you know what to do correctly, you can get there faster; and knowing what to read, listen to, and what meetings to attend to maximizes your learning, and saves you both time and money. This is called streamlining your business, which gets you to your goals faster. Talk about efficiency!


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Willable Assets

Unlike many other businesses or Affiliate Marketing programs, this one takes the guesswork out of whether or not you want to leave assets to your loved ones (or whether you even can). It allows you to participate in a standardized program for leaving will able assets all the way up to 3 generations. So your kids, your kid's kids, and your kid's kid's kids are covered!


Early Retirement: 

We estimate that if you follow our proven plan, you can build a substantial residual income in which you can retire comfortably...instead of relying only on the ups and downs of the stock market, Social Security, or the pension, they promised us 3 generations ago. 





Business Benefits

  • Partner Stores 
    We have access to thousands of partner stores. Wal-Mart, Macy's, Target, Forever 21, Home Depot, and Best Buy are just a few. You can get the same items you still know and love. You can even commission when you or your client's shop. 
  • Free Mentors 
    You're in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will be working as a team.
  • No Territorial Restrictions
    Anyone anywhere can be your client and your business partner.
  • Working as a Team
    Shorten your learning curve by working locally or online with your team or the teams that you build.
  • Online and Local Seminars and Training
    Get training and courses worth thousands of dollars at only a fraction of the price, to give you the successful mindset and resources you need to do this business.


  • Websites Tailored for You 
    You get your very own websites (yes, more than one) to promote the products and services you are passionate about or that help you in your current line of business.

  • The Annuity: (No Selling - Just Sharing)
    When you purchase items for yourself and your household and teach other households to work together, you create a Co-op of households economically connected. And you earn 100% commission from each other!
  • DynexSM Project: (Dynamic Exchange for Social Media)
    Increase your revenue quickly by working with iNet Community's DynexSM Project. Learn how you can help Social Media entrepreneurs self-monetize by showing off their Web portal. Watch your income rise up high levels by earning 100% of the commission they make.

  • Make a Career for Yourself
    By focusing on a major industry offered through DynexSM, you can learn to master a career path that will allow you to expand your organization more quickly 

These are just some of the benefits of starting your own business with us. But there are more benefits and frankly, it is the safest and easy way to start your way into getting what you deserve out of life.





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