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Advanced-Missions gives

Innovative Solutions and Financial Freedom

for Social Media Entrepreneurs.



 We Provide the How. You Provide the Why.





AVMS type 21 orange  AAdvanced-Missions is a leading partner in innovative solutions and financial freedom to social media entrepreneurs.

You worked hard to brand yourself, so why not keep your creative rights? Advanced-Missions partnered with one of the leading global internet retailers, to help individuals like you grow your brand and get paid your worth.


 Innovative Solutions

  • You can grow multiple streams of income
  • Grow your customer base
  • Keep your customer loyalty


  • Earn profits
  • Earn Commissions
  • Get paid for doing your own shopping




Sell AVMS type 21 orange  A

Have the freedom to choose which products best suit your social media channel. Get the flexibility to choose from millions of products with the freedom to select or change at no cost to you.



Promote AVMS type 21 orange  A

Choose from top-selling products or services. If you change your mind, that's ok. We have thousands of products to choose from. There is something for everyone.



Learn AVMS type 21 orange  A

Want to become an internet SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

Become a better marketer and become an expert. Grow your client base. Join our meetings and take our free courses to better understand how our products or services can help your followers and increase your profit margins.




Become A Product Ambassador AVMS type 21 orange  A

Master key niches in the industry in order to establish long-term success.

Keep your customers for life while staying on the leading edge.




Provide Services AVMS type 21 orange  A

Provide Services to your clients and work with them as a consultant, while having the ability to offer thousands of products or services, securing your relationship with your clients.  




Be Part of a Team AVMS type 21 orange  A

"Your Success is Our Success."

Be part of a team, helping you grow your business and learning how to expand it. 




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Make Money Online AVMS type 21 orange  A

The Only Limitation is Your Creativity

Use our services to help promote product sales or services to your viewers and followers. This allows you to become your own sponsor. You choose which products or services you will offer your social media tribe or tribes. You also have the flexibility to promote on multiple social media platforms - still choose which products or services to provide without conflict or cost. The only limitation is your creativity.



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Make Money OFF-Line AVMS type 21 orange  A

Make money while you sleep.

By economically connecting your social media to your products and services, you can take a vacation or be OFF-Line and still make an income, profit, or commission off the items you connect them to. That's correct - you can build a residual income by connecting people to products or services and keeping your customers for life. This is unlike most affiliate programs that you see out there.

So even if you're on vacation, or you would like to move on to better things, your work in social media will follow you. Your clients, social media followers, or tribe will have 24-hour access to thousands of partner stores, products, and services even if you're away!




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Get Paid for Shopping AVMS type 21 orange  A

Treat yourself how you would treat others.

If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for you.

When you purchase products or services or even visit our partner stores, you too can get paid.