G E T   T H A T   B O D Y   Y O U ' V E   A L W A Y S   W A N T E D 


E V E R Y T H I N G   Y O U   N E E D   I S   R I G H T   
H E R E !


Register Now and find out for yourself! You don't need two, three, four different programs anymore because right here is an all-in-one place of scientifically studied diet plans, supplementation, vitamins, workouts, and much much more for all and any body type.
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 Yes...There's More Than One Body Type

Studies show there are many different types of bodies. Different types for men and different types for women. Each body type functions differently in regards to gaining weight, losing weight, building muscle, etc.


  • Long body and lean
  • Difficult to build muscle and fat
  • Delicate frame
  • Fast metabolism ​(affects both weight and muscle you build)


  • Stocky build
  • Wider body
  • Stores fuel (both muscle and fat) in the lower half of their bodies
  • Has more muscle as well but usually, this comes with more fat
  • Has the best strength advantage out of the three different body types but may find it difficult to stay lean
  • Slow metabolism


  • Middle of the body types
  • Can be lean and muscular simultaneously
  • Natural athletics build with well-defined muscles


...And This Goes Layers Deep

Your DNA plays a big role as well - yes, it gets even more complicated. 

So achieving that super-cut, toned body takes precision. 

But good news - you're not alone.
Not only can you achieve that slim, chiseled body you've worked hard for years...

...You also get a wonderfully bright, extremely knowledgeable community of people that are currently in your position right now and those who have already achieved their dream body. 

Let's work together on getting you acclimated to our amazing world of love for fitness and health.


TLS Has Your Back, Abs, Legs, and Biceps!

TLS is truly an all-in-one program.

And the best part is, the programs and resources we offer are FREE!!

Let's face it. The trend is having multiple platforms under your belt to create your custom fitness lifestyle: One or two programs for workout plans, one program for meal planning,  four social media pages for healthy recipes, a lot of YouTube and google searches for more and all of the above...

...Scattered all over the digital world and still not where you want to be.
T R A C K   Y O U R   P R O G R E S S   W I T H 
That's right! A big portion of our Community is on the Fitbit Community! Not only can you keep track of your progress on Fitbit, but you can meet new people, learn about diet and exercise through other's experience and discoveries, and become part of the Community of others that are on a similar journey to yours. Fitbit also offers Health & Fitness Stats, Guided Programs, Challenges & Adventures, Workouts, Mindfulness, and much, much more! Get connected today.

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Free Healthy Recipes



Here it is! Your one-stop-shop for balanced recipes, divided by the kind of meal plan and diet plan you want*.

  • Get file downloads recipes for vegetarian and vegetable side dishes, seafood, poultry and pork, beef, egg dishes and breakfast food, desserts, marinades, and dressings, Shake Recipes, and more!
  • Also has customized recipes for “Fat Shredding”, “Rapid Results”, “Sure and Steady” category recipes, and a few others.

*Most of these recipes can be customized according to diet restrictions and food combination preferences. We recommend you also consult with a doctor before starting any new diet and food regime.

Educational Videos


Need a boost of motivation? Then look no further!

​In this library of videos, you'll find content on a variety of topics geared towards a positive, healthy, self-loving outlook on your body: 
  • Believing in Yourself
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Managing Stress
  • Assessing Results
  • Low Glycemic Impact Eating
  • Living the Lifestyle

Plus get educated the right way!
You'll find a valuable, real, science-backed knowledge base on: 
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Types of Shakes (Nutrition and Protein Shakes) 
  • Detoxing
  • Exercise
  • Reading Labels
  • Improving Metabolism
  • ​...and More!



What Results Are You Looking For?

  Meal Plans Made Just For You, Your Journey, Your Body Type, For Your Progress!​
  • Fat Shredder
  • Rapid Results
  • Sure & Steady
  • Continued Commitment
  • 7-Day Detox



Programs/Menu Plans/Workouts Built Just For You And Your Type

  • Stay Fit Kit
  • Trim Cafe Menu Plan
  • Flex Program
  • Trim Down
  • Trim Tea Plan
  • 10-Minute Power Workout
  • Full Body Workout plans
  • Detox Menu Plan
  • Pre-Made Power Foods Grocery Lists
  • ...and so much MORE!

Free Body Measurements For All Your Great Progress


Keep track of all your progress on My Fitbit Page.
calculate your BMI and see your Body Fat Percentage, and get to shredding!!